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Stop Smoking — the Natural Way!

If your brain is still addicted, but your heart just isn’t in it anymore, West Vancouver Wellness Centre can help you quit cigarettes, as well as “vaping” electronic cigarettes. As North America’s most preventable cause of death, smoking can cut years off your life, but you can quit. All it takes is the right motivation and program.

When you visit our office, we will tailor a program that takes into account the number of years you have smoked, cigarettes smoked per day, as well as the age at which you began smoking.

The Benefits of Quitting Cigarettes

There are many benefits to giving up smoking; some of them are immediate, while others may take some time. Quitting cigarettes can help you to:

  • Improve Blood Flow

  • Reduce Poisons (Carbon Monoxide, Carcinogens and Other Toxins)

  • Have a Healthy Heart Rate

  • Normalize Blood Pressure

  • Rediscover Sense of Taste and Smell

  • Save a Lot of Money

  • Feel Great about Yourself

When you give up cigarettes, you will also greatly reduce the likelihood of ever developing lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. Year after year, you also reduce the odds of developing pancreatic cancer.

Let Us Help You Quit Nicotine

Our naturopathic doctors will customize a program to help you successfully quit smoking. Some therapies we may use include: acupuncture, vitamin and mineral intravenous infusions, detoxification (including chelation with IV and oral supplementation), as well as lifestyle changes. We may also recommend nutritional counselling, and/or customized botanical and homeopathic preparations that have proven safe and effective.

To schedule a consultation with a naturopathic doctor, call West Vancouver Wellness Centre today!

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