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Struggling With Your Diet? Our Vancouver Nutritionists Can Help!

At its core, great health starts with proper nutrition and exercise. After all, we quite literally become what we eat! Therefore, maintaining proper nutrition greatly impacts your basic functions and well-being. Unfortunately, we are all surrounded by misinformation, fad diets and food of poor quality. All of these can make the goal of eating healthy difficult to achieve.


While many may assume eating by Canada’s Food Guide is enough, this plan is not tailored to the needs of each individual. These basic guidelines only serve the needs of the most average Canadian — not those seeking an ideal, individualized nutrition plan. Also, with West Vancouver Wellness Centre, you will receive all the necessary guidance and support you can expect from a team of naturopathic physicians and nutritionists.


In the Dark on Your Personal Nutrition?

If you’re lost on what your nutrition plan should look like, West Vancouver Wellness Centre can apply our years of expertise and previous successes in helping craft a nutrition program designed around your personal needs. We offer comprehensive nutritional support for many health conditions, concerns and special needs.


Please call us for more information about clinical nutrition counselling or to book an appointment. For more information on clinical nutrition, read about Dr. Justin Lafreniere’s Nutrition Challenge.

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