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  • By Dr. Justin Lafreniere, ND

Colorectal Cancer — Prevention and Early Detection are Best!

The incidence of colorectal cancer appears to be rising across the globe. Despite this unfortunate statistic, it is imperative to recognize that early detection dramatically improves survival rates and that there are preventive measures that can substantially reduce incidence.

Preventive measures include a diet rich in fibre, green vegetables, and supplementation with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3. While there are certainly other factors influencing the development of colorectal cancer, these can be some of the simplest and most impactful. Early detection includes yearly fecal immunochemical test (FIT), yearly fecal ocult blood test (FOBT) and a colonoscopy every 10 years minimum after age 50. In addition, regular health check-ups with your naturopathic physician can improve early detection by assessing your health from a more comprehensive and holistic perspective. References 1) Optimal Vitamin D Status for Colorectal Cancer Prevention: A Quantitative Meta Analysis. American Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 32, Issue 3, Pages 210-216, March 2007 2) Calcium plus Vitamin D Supplementation and the Risk of Colorectal Cancer. N Engl J Med 2006; 354:684-696 February 16, 2006. 3) Calcium, Magnesium, and Colorectal Cancer. Qi Dai, Robert Sandler, Elizabeth Barry, Robert Summers, Maria Grau, John Baron (2012). Epidemiology 23:3, 504-505.


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